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Atlantic Systems Group Inc. (ASG) continues to lead the way in Information Assurance Application (IA²). ASG’s IA² v2.0 Enterprise solution has proven it can handle the requirements of a worldwide wan by completing 600+ SCA’s (over 5 million tests) in less than 10 months. This could only be done with IA²’s revolutionary architecture. ASG is taking IA² into the next generation with version 3. IA² version 3.0 will enable an origination to manage all systems in the enterprise from the executive level all the way down to the user level; one system that handles it all.

IA² has a fully integrated workflow management system allowing for, at a glance, assessment of the C&A efforts, with full lifecycle management. IA² covers every aspect of the FISMA process is addressed, from system creation, control definition, control assessments, POA&Ms, risk management, reporting to continuous monitoring.


IA² Veterans Affairs Case Study

This case study is a comparison between the VA certification and accreditation efforts of 2005 and 2007. In 2005 a manual process of spreadsheets and word document templates was employed. In 2007 the IA² application was utilized; that collected, correlated, managed, and preformed all reporting functions. In both years the same prim contractor; and the same number of analysts were used.

In 2005, 300 systems were assessed in a 12 month period. Data manipulation in 2005 proved to be difficult due to the collection method. Spreadsheets had to be collect and consolidate in order to create an accurate system overview. Quality control then had to make sure that there where no duplicate findings. This proved to be cumbersome and error prone. Reports had to be checked, double checked, and report overseeing issues were a problem exists. Data correlation and reporting time was an average of 200 hours per system.

In 2007 over 600 systems were assessed in less than 10 months, over 5 million individual tests, with an average time of 4 hours to correlate and report on the data collected. With IA² in place for the 2007 effort collection of data proved to be a breeze. The client server approach made data collection and manipulation for reporting incredible easy.

 Year  Hours  Cost  Total
 2005  200  $125  $25,000
 2007  4  $125  $500