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Process Automation

Atlantic Systems Group Inc (ASG) Process Automation

ASG gives you the visibility, control and automation needed to provide quality service delivery, addressing all stages of the service lifecycle. ASG has developed, installed, and commissioned a diverse variety of platforms for many different processes. Techniques used include advanced algorithms, PIDs, IEC 1131, programming standards development, simulation, startup, and interfacing to databases. We have developed countless amounts of operating logic to control and create a repeatable. This diverse cross-section of hardware platforms and applications has taught ASG the importance of developing structured programming standards, flexible control code and the importance of utilizing engineering staff that not only have superior programming abilities but a strong knowledge of processes.

With ASG You Can...

  • * Optimize efficiency and accuracy of Service Delivery by automating best practices for common tasks, service requests, incident reports, and change and release management.
  • * Lower cost of management and compliance by discovering and tracking all deployed resources and their configurations, and matching them against established policies.
  • * Improve productivity by giving users direct access to a catalog of automated service requests.
  • * Improve customer satisfaction through higher availability of critical business applications.
  • * Help control energy consumption in the data center by managing workloads and the provisioning/deprovisioning servers to meet SLAs.
  • * Dynamically deploy, manage, secure and retire physical and virtual servers, clients and applications according to users' needs & organizational guidelines.


Anticipated Results

      • * Improved resource utilization, resulting in 50% decrease in need for new additional equipment.
    • * Labor savings of 10-20% (reduced man-hours due to task automation and software distribution).
    • * Increased productivity of supported services by 10-25%.
    • * Improved success rate for change and release deployments by 10-30%.
    • * 10-20% reduction in deployed application rollbacks.
    • * 84% reduction in time taken to inventory physical and software assets.
    • * IT staff cost savings of $120 per PC/device/year through use of Packaging Tools and Automated Software Distribution.
    • * Reduced labor cost of 10-40% to maintain multiple configuration databases.