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Compliance Automation

ASG addresses the growing regulatory environment; higher system complexity and increased focus on accountability have led organizations to pursue a broad range of governance, risk and compliance initiatives across the organization.

However, these initiatives... up to now, were uncoordinated in an era when risks are interdependent and controls are shared. As a result, these initiatives get planned and managed in silos, which potentially increases the overall risk for the organization. In addition, parallel compliance and risk initiatives lead to duplication of efforts and cause costs to spiral out of control.

ASG's offering manages the Governance, Risk, and Compliance process through control, definition, enforcement, and monitoring by leveraging a proven end-to-end solution.



The recent jump in regulatory mandates have made many organizations to become increasingly more sensitized to identifying and managing areas of risk in their systems: whether it is Confidentiality, Integrity, or Availability related risk.

These risks are no longer considered the sole responsibility of the system owner... management demands visibility into exposure and status so they can effectively manage the organization’s long-term strategies.

As a result, organizations are looking to systemically identify, measure, prioritize and respond to all types of risk in the organization, and then manage any exposure accordingly.

The ASG risk management process provides a strategic orientation for organizations of all sizes in all geographies with a formal process to systemically identify, measure, prioritize and respond to all types of risk.